SAPCA is the recognised trade association for the sports and play construction industry in the UK. Its role is to foster excellence, professionalism and continuous improvement throughout the industry, in order to provide the high quality facilities needed at all levels of sport, physical activity, recreation and play.

SAPCA's Role and Activities

  • The promotion of high standards
  • The regulation of the industry
  • The provision of education and training for the industry's workforce
  • Active participation in the development of British, European and other Standards
  • The promotion of research and the encouragement of the use of new technology in the design and construction of sports and play facilities
  • Close liaison and cooperation with sports councils, funding agencies and sports governing bodies of and play
  • The Association provides a strong voice to represent the sports and play construction industry in the UK

Why choose SAPCA members?

SAPCA membership signifies professional competence and performance, which directly benefits customers that choose member companies for their projects.

  • Strict Admission Criteria Ensures that contractors have the necessary expertise, experience and quality of workmanship.
  • Standards of Construction SAPCA members must comply with construction specifications and standards for completed work, as detailed in SAPCA's various Codes of Practice.
  • Code of Professional Conduct All SAPCA members are committed to high standards of customer service and business practice.
  • Technical Mediation Impartial assistance in the resolution of complaints and disputes, if necessary, between Principal Contractors and their clients.


SAPCA was formed by the industry in 1997 and it is a non-profit-seeking organisation, funded by the industry. Having originally represented primarily specialist sports surfacing contractors, the Association has evolved and expanded to embrace a wide range of disciplines within the sports and play facilities industry. SAPCA now has over 240 corporate members from across the UK, all with a direct involvement in sports and play facility development, including contractors, manufacturers and suppliers, professional consultants and test laboratories, as well as sports governing bodies and related organisations.

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