Getting your projects off the ground

Before embarking on a project it is important to know realistically how much funding is likely to be available for your project.

SAPCA funding advisor, Karen Woolland of wctd ltd offers a special funding service to identify for organisations what funds your project could apply for.

Wctd ltd offers a special discount to organisations enquiring via the SAPCA website. Below shows an alphabetical list of funders for capital projects, this list covers England only. It does not cover local small trusts and local authority grants.

Sport Scotland and Sport Wales offer their own lists of funding/advice to their organisations.

Please note that funding opportunities are constantly changing. It is advisable to check the funder’s website direct for the most up to date information.

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Trusthouse Charitable Foundation

The TCF accepts applications from organisations which are addressing issues in rural areas. ‘Rural’ in this context means cities, towns, villages and areas with 10,000 or less inhabitants.  Examples of the types of projects that they are interested in include:

  • contact networks for the young disabled
  • projects which encourage a sense of community such as community centres and village halls
  • projects addressing issues such as drug/alcohol misuse or homelessness

In addition they are interested in applications from areas of Urban Deprivation classified as being in the lowest 20% in the Indices of Multiple Deprivation).

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Veolia Environmental Trust

Supports a wide range of community and environmental projects throughout the UK.  Check their website postcode eligibility link.

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Waste Recycling Environmental (WREN)

Support for environmental and community-based projects in areas of England, Scotland and Wales close to Waste Recycling Group landfill sites.  Projects must provide public amenities or parks; there is a small grants or main grants programme.

Check eligibility criteria first.

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