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Napier University Edinburgh


Affiliate Member

‘Napier University’s Pollution Research Unit (PRU) carries out fundamental and applied research on micro-organisms associated with the pollution of aquatic and terrestrial habitats.

Particular interests include development of laboratory and field ecotoxicity methods based on micro-organisms; the use of in situ or isolated micro-organisms to perform bio-remediation of contaminated land; aerobic and anaerobic degradation of pollutants, and, genetic analysis of Gram positive bacteria.

PRU can assess the toxicity of particulates and leachate from use of rubber granulate in the construction of sport surfaces.

The PRU has developed a biotechnological process for the surface devulcanisation of rubber granulate to enable incorporation of rubber crumb into new rubber products including tyres. Surface modification of granulate can also enhance safety when used in a range of products.’

Contact Details:

Head Office
Mr Nick Christofi PhD
Napier University Edinburgh
Pollution Research Unit, School of Life Sciences
10 Collinton Rd
EH10 5DT

Tel  0044 (0) 131 4552490
Fax  0044 (0) 131 4552291