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Everything started with the graunule.
Gezolan is always in the starting blocks, prepared to win the race to new products. The business environment keeps setting the bar higher, but Gezolan is always up to the task: it develops smart, sensible new products which meet functional requirements and those of the environment in which they are used.

The company

In pole position – our company, Gezolan AG.
For more than 40 years we have been producing synthetic EPDM granules for surface coatings of all types, and this for customers in more than 60 countries.
We are the world's quality leader in the manufacture of EPDM granules. Our firm resolve will help us remain the world leader with Swiss premium quality.

Production and technology

Optimised production processes – always a step ahead of the competition.
Gezolan made its real breakthrough in the late 1980s with a totally unique production process for EPDM granules. On that basis, today we have state-of-the-art products which are consistently designed to meet the highest demands: granules "Made in Switzerland" for guaranteed best results. Our products are ISO certified and are guaranteed to meet the highest standards of quality.

Commitment to quality

Granules from Gezolan – high quality, excellent coverage yield, durable and certified.
We are continuosly conducting research in our in-house laboratory to improve our EPDM granules and are actively working on new product developments. This sets us far ahead of the competition as our products stand out thank to the their performance per square metre, which has not been beat anywhere in the world. Granules from Gezolan provide unmatched coverage yield.
Here is where we test how Gezolan products behave when under athletes' feet and how their muscles react. The biomechanics must be appropriate for everyone of all age groups who participate in sport. Such investigations make Gezolan products worth every bit of your trust.
Customer focus

Gezolan's warehouse, with room for approximately 8000 pallets, is in operation practically around the clock. Thanks to a high level of flexibility and exact disposition of individual products, we ensure that every customer order is filled promptly.
Additional external warehouses in strategic regions such as the USA and Great Britain as well as distribution centres in France, Spain and Italy make it possible for us to offer our customers service which is second to none.


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