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Four Seasons Amenity & Leisure Services Ltd


Principal Contractors Tennis Court Division Multi-sports Division

Four Seasons is a family run company, which has built a reputation for quality, variety and delivery on time and on budget.

Our tennis court division service begins at the planning and advisory stage giving clients the benefit of our years of experience together with helping with associated matters that often concern our clients.  Four Seasons is pleased to submit budgetary options for alternative proposals together with samples of all the materials, including performance surfaces for a thorough analysis, consideration, evaluation and discussion.

Wherever possible, in keeping with our company policy of sympathetic, environmental delivery, we use recycled materials.

Though the majority of our work has been completed in the south, primarily due to most of our work being by recommendation, such referrals have taken us to the midlands and east of the country, where we are happy to work.

Our staff have also gained a reputation for politeness, helpfulness and thoroughness giving each client the personal attention they deserve.  Our quality assurance procedures begin with the contract and extend through the unique 3 year warranty period, whilst empathy with the surrounding area is also of paramount importance.

The company’s founder is actively involved with each project, giving his personal attention throughout each phase.

Should these qualities be of interest to you, Four Seasons would be privileged to visit, advise and submit a quotation for your consideration.

In the first instance, please contact Jeff Kisbee on +44 (0)1628 475429 or +44, or email

Contact Details:

Head Office
Mrs Lara Kisbee
Four Seasons Amenity & Leisure Services Ltd
Denelands Farm
Mundaydean Lane

Tel  +44 (0) 1628 475429
Fax  +44 (0) 1628 475429
Registered in England & Wales
Registration Number 06567927