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Trocellen – foam in function

Trocellen bring together many years of experience combined with a broad knowledge base and a dynamic team. Our products are used in a number of different industries but are all based on the same principles: light weight, environmentally friendly and simplicity.

We engage with many markets to simplify complex challenges and help to develop products for our customers that are innovative and sustainable; and that will add value to their business.

We have plants located in Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Russia and Malaysia where we produce polyolefin foams. In addition we have a state of the art research and development centre FETI in Budapest. We have partnerships with many universities and designers to help us innovate and improve our existing products and to develop new products for many different industries.

Our business units are organised into Automotive, Sport & Industry, Adhesive Tapes, Insulation and Footwear. Via collaboration between the units and their specific knowledge and experience we are able to provide innovative products and solutions.

Our Sport and Industry unit focuses on the specific technical performance and quality requirements needed. We are continuously developing new and innovative solutions for our clients using new applications, materials and technologies. We use our different composites to provide synthetic turf shock pad systems bespoke for a range of sports. In addition we have other sports products such as Tatami, gymnastic mats and many other sports and play specific applications. We can offer the perfect solution for many different applications.

Contact Details:

Head Office
Luca Girelli
Trocellen GmbH
Mülheimer Straße 26
53840 Troisdorf

Tel  +39 (0) 02 959 62223
Fax  +39 (0) 02 959 62235
Regional Office
Martin Laidler
Trocellen GmbH
Central Chambers
77 Westborough
North Yorkshire
YO11 1TP

Tel  +44 (0) 1723 376111
Fax  +44 (0) 1723 376444