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Herculan BV


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Herculan Sports Surfaces BV have been developing and manufacturing indoor and outdoor seamless polyurethane sports surfaces for over 25 years.

The basis of our business philosophy is simple: we listen to our customers’ needs and produce the highest quality products and sports systems that we can that offer true value for money. We develop long term relationships with our clients, the supplier’s employees and on site installation teams. All of which result in us providing consistently high quality installations on a world wide basis.

Our sports surfacing systems include indoor sports floors, outdoor and indoor athletics surfaces, outdoor multipurpose sports surfaces, tennis court surfaces, children’s safety surfacing and epoxy and resin non sports floor systems.

We are extremely mindful of the need to develop an “eco friendly” product base and are ahead of our competitors with this technology – we like to feel that we are market leaders in the development of environmentally friendly products and are accredited with the EC Certificate of Conformity.

Our product range for both indoor and outdoor applications are designed for the particular end user requirements and given the correct level of aftercare and maintenance will provide many years of consistent use.

The quality of our product range is monitored constantly by our own in house quality control manufacturing and testing procedures as well as being subject to external quality audits undertaken by external EEC approved certifying body.

The on going in-house laboratory testing and on-site testing of our product range and completed installations is undertaken on a world wide basis by industry recognised and sports certified test labs to ensure compliance with relevant national and international standards – IAAF, ITF, BWF, IHF, DIN, EN to name but a few.

Contact Details:

Head Office
Michael Sturm
Herculan BV
Energieweg 6
4231 DJ Meerkerk
The Netherlands

Tel  +31 (0) 183 354700
Fax  +31 (0) 183 354740
Registered in The Netherlands
Registration Number 110516440000