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Global Maintainance Ltd


Ancillary Contractors

Global Maintenance LtdGlobal Maintainance Ltd are committed to providing our clients with a bespoke, informed and cost effective maintenance programmes for all types of sports surfaces. We understand that some clients often believe that artificial turf is maintenance free, but this is not always the case. We can offer you expert advice and recommendations to maximise the life expectancy of your artificial sports pitches, whilst keeping them in their best playing condition and safe for users.

We have over 21 years experience in the sports maintenance and construction industry and we are happy to pass this knowledge on to our clients. We offer a one-stop approach to sports maintenance, this allows our clients to have control over their maintenance according to the requirements of their facility.

We are on hand to aid you in all aspects of maintenance in relation to your artificial sports pitch, including the maintenance or supply of goals, supply of any associated sports equipment, overhead and divider netting, plus any fencing repairs or installations.

Contact Details:

Head Office
Mr David Duckworth
Global Maintainance Ltd
Walton Cornerstone
2 Liston Street
L4 5RT

Tel  +44 (0)800 612 6474
Registered in England & Wales
Registration Number 06725859