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Tennis Industry Association (TIA)


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Tennis Industry Association

The Tennis Industry Association UK was formed in April 1998 to promote the growth of tennis and to act as the voice of the tennis industry. Its mission is to increase participation in tennis and to promote, foster and protect industry growth and vitality in the UK.

The UK’s only tennis trade association brings together a unique synergy among normally competitive businesses willing to pool resources for the betterment of the tennis market as a whole.

TIA members range from multi-million pound corporations to individual entrepreneurs, all of whom care and depend on the future of our game in this country.

Individually, members represent massive investment in the game at all levels, yet indicators show the market has declined in both value and volume in recent years.

Collectively, members are working together towards reversing these trends by actively energising the industry to encourage more participation in the sport.

Regular fact-finding forums are held with the Lawn Tennis Association to exchange ideas and to address topical issues that are of concern to TIA members.

The Tennis Racket Specialist Scheme launched in 2003 by the TIA in conjunction with the European Racquet Stringers Association (ERSA) is now setting the benchmark for accredited retailers in the high street by offering improved quality information on tennis equipment at local sports shops. Certified Tennis Racket Specialists are listed in a directory on the TIA website.

The TIA’s Industry Research Programme is defining the parameters of the UK tennis industry and establishing a foundation of statistics against which to measure future movement trends.

Membership of the TIA is open to specialist manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, trading companies, businesses and other interested parties involved in the sport.

An informative website coupled with unique networking opportunities and links throughout the industry make TIA membership essential to serious tennis businesses.

The TIA is the voice of the industry growing the game together.

Contact Details:

Head Office
Ms Barbara Wancke
Tennis Industry Association (TIA)
48 Braeside

Tel  +44 (0)20 8249 3366
Fax  +44 (0)20 8249 5669