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Since 1976, Musco Lighting has specialised in the design and manufacture of sports and large area lighting for venues around the world.

Built on a foundation of responsibility to the needs of facility owners, players, spectators, and the surrounding environment, Musco’s metal halide and LED solutions have illuminated everything from neighbourhood pitches to some of the most iconic events and venues across the globe—including Premier League stadiums, international speedways, and the Olympic Games.

Musco has shaped the history of sports lighting with 40 years of innovation that includes such breakthroughs as its SportsCluster™ system; factory wiring, aiming, and testing; mobile lighting; Mirtran™; Light-Structure System™ with 5 Easy Pieces™; and Light-Structure Green™. The company began designing LED systems in 2008, using its depth of knowledge in controlling and applying light to realize the full potential of the LED light source.

With the introduction of its new Total Light Control—TLC for LED™ system, Musco has strengthened its position as the world’s leader in sports lighting.

TLC for LED™ is a visionary evolution of Musco’s LED technology and achieves a level of light control never before possible in a way that’s cost effective and backed by a 10-year parts and labour warranty. The system virtually eliminates glare and spill, and is ideal for retrofits or as a solution complete from foundation to poletop in the form of the company’s Light-Structure System™.

For further information and free design assistance contact Musco Lighting Europe at or call +44 (0) 1942 811 777.

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