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APT - Advanced Polymer Technology


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Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) is a global manufacturer of polyurethane-based materials, acrylic coatings, and synthetic turf. From Olympic stadiums to your own backyard, APT provides people around the world with safe, reliable, high performance athletic surfaces and protective coatings.

Research and development is undertaken by our team of chemists working with sports professionals to establish the specific characteristics required to assist athletes in performing at their very best. Each day we put our full commitment, expertise, and passion into providing sports facilities and athletes with the perfect surface.

APT offers a wide variety of sports systems to meet your needs:

  • Rekortan and Spurtan athletic track systems are globally recognized as the “fast tracks”
  • Laykold is the choice of premier tennis facilities across the world and is also widely used for all-weather courts for netball, pickleball, basketball, in-line skating, and many more
  • The LigaTurf range offers turf that is FIFA, World Rugby, AFL/CA, and ERFL certified
  • Poligras, a FIH Global Supplier, has been chosen as the official turf of the 2018 and 2022 Hockey World Cup and has been the hockey surface of the Olympic games since 2000
  • Gridiron turf systems have been specifically engineered to hold up to the rigors of American football and other field sports
  • Supergrasse is a multi-purpose turf designed to mimic the characteristics of natural grass
  • Omnicourt tennis turf is a favorite of elite tennis clubs and private residences worldwide
  • Dynapoint indoor flooring is perfect for basketball, gymnastics, training, and more


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