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Stuart Canvas Have Got You Covered

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21 February 2017

Due to the UK’s unpredictable weather conditions and with climate change reported to be making our winters colder, it comes as no surprise that ground frost is fast becoming a major issue for outdoor sport.

Frost develops on natural grass due to its large moisture content and inevitably this moisture will freeze, causing the surface to become unsafe to play on.

In addition there are many negative issues that can arise with frequent, heavy frost on a pitch such as, losing the availability to play matches and in turn the possible loss of revenue from match sales. It’s not only matches it affects, if the frost is persistent it may mean your players are losing the availability to train frequently which may affect their fitness. If you attempt to play and practise on a frost covered pitch you may also face the possible issue of your players receiving injuries from slipping on the ground.

So, how do you solve the issue? Frost covers can be made to measure to cover your entire pitch or to simply cover selected areas that often receive heavy frost or are the most dangerous when frost has developed on a pitch.

Stuart canvas frost covers can be made to measure and manufactured from a single skin cover to a triple skin cover in 130 gsm or 190 gsm depending on the level of coverage, insulation and protection that’s required.

By using a frost cover you are protecting your ground from developing frost which can be harmful to grass and not only means that your grass should stay in great condition, it also means that your game and training won’t be interrupted, with the added extra of protecting your pitch from debris like twigs and leaves when your cover is applied. If you have a heated pitch, frost covers can also help to keep the heat in during extra cold months.

Frost covers are available as either ‘flat sheets’ or on an ‘inflatable roller’ system that speeds up the the process of deploying the frost cover.  The covers can be retracted easily and kept neatly stored when not in use.

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