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STM Transformation Project from Tarmac to Turf at New City Primary

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03 March 2017

New City Primary school revealed their brand new multi-use games area (MUGA) last month at their London school. Now over 600 pupils have access to multiple sports facilities throughout their academic day and can practice their sporting skills on the bright blue and field green surface.

Before Synthetic Turf Managemen (STM) were called in, the pitch markings were faded, the ground was uneven and it was an uninviting and dull area that didn’t help to encourage more pupils to be active.

STM transformed the old and outdated tarmac area with artificial grass. This versatile product was perfect for New City Primary School as it has properties known for being super safe including a non-abrasive texture and fitted with trip free edging. Making it perfect for schools.  450 square metres of the product were installed along with a 5mm sports rubber pad which provides a softer surface whenever installed on top of a tarmac base.
The pitch markings are now permanent, the surface is bright and colourful, the space has been optimised and the school are thrilled with their new sports facility. Pupils can now look forward to a year packed full of sports days and outdoor games.

For mare information on Synthetic Turf Management Ltd, please click [here]

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