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Collinson Help Sport and Health Come Together

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12 May 2017

What comes to mind when thinking about team sports? Fitness, competition, the team-building camaraderie of working toward a common goal?

It's intuitive that sport has a positive impact on health, not just physical health, but mental health too. Because people think of stress as a tangible energy, it stands to reason that 'releasing' that energy has a cathartic effect. Most people will be familiar with the endorphin rush of a tennis game, or the lasting satisfaction of winning a game with your team.

And it’s not just the release that’s important, research shows that a strong social network and community support make a big difference to mental health, both things being part of a sports team can provide.

Collinson Sports Facilities understand that when it comes to sport, one size doesn't necessarily fit all.  Their range of sports facilities have been developed to provide a feasible solution for every clients’ specification and budgets, from simple air supported structures, steel framed super structures through to a conventional style build.

They offer a full design and build service, customising every structure to the client’s individual specifications; perfect for schools, colleges, universities and clubs at all levels.

Team support, and even the simple stress relief of exercise, can be invaluable to an individual's educational development, giving much-needed relief during exam season. Kent Sport with the University of Kent are encouraging revising students to exercise regularly to release tension, keeping their brains oxygenated for efficient study. There’s a scientific basis to this as research from Harvard Medical School found regular aerobic exercise is great for improving verbal memory and can even increase the size of the brain’s memory centre.

Such are the benefits of exercise mental health professionals are starting to roll it out as a viable treatment known as “social prescribing”. This kind of treatment is not only effective, but socially responsible—reducing strain on the NHS.

For more information on Collinson Sports Facilities, please click [here]

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