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New Guide Promises to Aid Schools' Investment in New Hockey Pitches

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26 July 2017

Schools looking to invest in a new hockey pitch to capitalise on the growing popularity of the sport are being offered a helping hand in the shape of a new guide, published today.

'Future goals: A look at the changing face of school hockey facilities' leads potential investors through the considerations that need to be made at the planning stage in order to achieve a pitch that maximises both playing time and performance levels.

The downloadable guide offers an update on the International Hockey Federation’s (FIH) new quality-assurance programme, compares the different types of artificial hockey surfaces available, and outlines the maintenance considerations that need to be made prior to a new surface being laid.

With schools around the country often eager to see how others have made a success of their new hockey facility, the document also offers two standout examples of how the investment in a new artificial hockey pitch has resulted in increased usage or an enhanced skillset amongst players.

Paul Langford, Managing Director at TigerTurf UK, said, "Any new hockey pitch will be a major investment, so it is important that the surface delivers everything expected of it – both in terms of playing hours and performance levels. We've gathered the thoughts of some of the industry's leading figures, as well as the latest thinking from surface specialists here at TigerTurf, and the result is a definitive guide which aims to help anyone investing in a hockey pitch to make the right choice for them".

To download the new guide to artificial hockey pitches please click [here]

For more information on TigerTurf (UK) Ltd, please click [here]

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