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GreenFields TX® Elite First in the World to Pass New FIH Quality Criteria

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24 August 2017

Following the release of the new FIH (International Hockey Federation) quality standards, GreenFields are proud to be the first company to have an artificial turf that successfully meets this more stringent testing regime.
GreenFields TX® Elite is the first product range to fulfil the new 2017 FIH Quality Criteria for Global Fields. The new stricter FIH testing criteria is more focused on high level sports performance and long-term durability to increase the consistency and quality of fields around the world.

Alastair Cox, Facilities & Quality Programme Manager, FIH comments, "I am pleased that the TenCate Grass Group has worked so quickly to develop new turfs that meet the new FIH Hockey Turf and Field Standards (available at  The new Standards were developed to encourage innovation and ensure the right quality of turf is available for the intended level of play.  It is great to be able to certify two products, developed with sustainability and international play in their DNA, so soon after the standards were published".

GreenFields, part of the TenCate Grass Group, have redeveloped their synthetic hockey turf to create GreenFields TX® Elite, an enhanced, ultra-durable water based hockey surface for faster, smoother, ball performance.
Rachel Oakley, Product Strategy Director, TenCate Grass states, "We are proud that GreenFields TX® Elite is the first in the world to achieve this acclaimed status, which along with our years of focus on innovative technology and high quality in field hockey systems further supports our leading position in the hockey market".

To add further to the success of GreenFields TX® Elite, it has also been selected as the official surface for the Rabo EuroHockey Championships 2017 in Amsterdam. With the tournament currently in full flow, GreenFields TX® Elite is proving itself to be the new benchmark for modern fast paced hockey with rave reviews coming in from recent field installations.

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