Synthetic Grass Pitches

Building Better Sports Pitches

The Sports and Play Construction Association, SAPCA, is the recognised UK trade organisation for the sports facility construction industry. SAPCA was formed in 1997, incorporating the previous Synthetic Sports Surfaces Association (SSSA), and plays an important role in the promotion of high standards for the design and construction of synthetic turf pitches.

SAPCA members construct the vast majority of synthetic turf pitches across the UK, from facilities for grassroots use in parks, community clubs and schools, through centres of excellence and academies at professional clubs, to pitches for high-level national and international competition.

SAPCA regulates the synthetic pitch construction industry, sets standards for the quality of synthetic pitch installation, and provides training and education.

Specialists in synthetic turf pitch construction

SAPCA’s Pitch Division comprises specialist synthetic pitch contractors who have been approved by the Association. These constructors have demonstrated that they have the requisite technical expertise and experience, quality of workmanship and financial stability. Members of the Pitch Division must comply with the minimum construction specifications and quality of completed work, as detailed in SAPCA’s Code of Practice for the Construction and Maintenance of Synthetic Turf Sports Pitches. All members are committed to high standards of customer service and business practice.

For reassurance that companies selected for synthetic pitch projects are recognised specialists, prospective customers should ensure that all firms under consideration are members of SAPCA’s Pitch Division. All companies have an official Certificate of Membership, identifying their membership status.

For a full list of SAPCA-approved synthetic pitch contractors that operate in your area, please search the SAPCA membership database. Click on the "Find a Member" link below, select “Pitch Division”, choose the relevant area of operation, and then click on “Search”.

The database can also be used to find other relevant SAPCA members, including contractors, manufacturers and independent consultants offering a wide range of sports pitch-related products and services.

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Standards for synthetic turf pitch construction

SAPCA’s Code of Practice for the Construction and Maintenance of Synthetic Turf Sports Pitches provides minimum construction standards for the industry and valuable guidance for all those involved in synthetic pitch projects: it is free to download from the Technical Guidance section of the SAPCA web site. Click on the link below – if you have not visited this section of the web site before you will be asked to register to gain entry, but this is free, quick and easy.

Technical Guidance.

Other information

Please visit the other areas of the SAPCA web site to find Industry News, Events and Exhibitions, Training and Education, and more. Use the menu at the top of the page to navigate.