Codes of Practice

SAPCA Code of Practice for the Construction and Maintenance of Synthetic Turf Sports Pitches

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Section One: General Construction Requirements
Highlights many different aspects that must be considered when constructing a synthetic turf sports pitch. It includes details from the project design brief to sports lighting and guidance on selecting the correct synthetic turf surface. The guidance provides a detailed approach to how a synthetic turf sports pitch is constructed from conception through to completion as follows:

  • Earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Base Construction
  • Shockpads
  • Final Playing Surface

Section Two: Maintenance
A maintenance schedule is essential and illustrates what actions need to be performed, when and why. This section details different types of maintenance methods including Grooming, Power Brushing, Deep Cleaning, Moss and Algae Prevention and Stain Removal.

Section Three: Resurfacing
Explains how a synthetic turf sports pitch should be resurfaced as performance decreases. Outlines general considerations when dealing with an existing surface, shockpad and base and how the new surface will be installed.

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